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Ultima Touch Screen



These technologically advanced water treatment controllers are packed full of unique features many of which have been introduced to the water treatment control industry.

Industry Specific Benefits

The 7” colour touch screen allows users to capture the main system details in a glance. The high end design enables access to measurements, setpoints, control modes and outputs status all on one screen. Informative cues on the screen are designed to help find and resolve issues quickly.

User Friendly Navigation

Smart phone style navigation enables individual settings and historical graphs to be easily accessible by a touch of the screen. Outputs are easily adjusted to best fit the process requirements.

Comprehensive Functionality

13 outputs are available with Ultima to provide comprehensive control on a wide range of water treatment parameters. A variety of additional features are also included as standard to supplement the functionality of individual outputs.


Inbuilt 240V power sockets, 4-20mA and dry contact outputs included in Ultima controllers enable the running of a wide variety of equipment in the most comprehensive way.

Multiple Timer Options

Ultima provides 7day timers with a comprehensive range of options (timer, timer and flow, timer and probe, …) to dose chemicals or control functions during the requested timer period. The timers are designed for ultimate simplicity of programming and activating different outputs based on the system requirements. See Accessory Timers.


Smart safety features for conductivity/TDS, pH, ORP and Chlorine incorporated into the 7 day timers are designed to prevent overdosing and thereby provide worry free control.

Accessory Timers

Accessory Timers are a powerful new feature designed to optimise chemical dosing, cut water usage and save money. This unique feature maximises chemical performance by avoiding the mixing of incompatible chemicals

Remote Monitoring and Control

Ultima provides an extensive choice of communication packages including Modem, Wi-Fi and Ethernet which allows you to remotely monitor and control your water treatment process from a smart phone or computer anytime, anywhere in the world, assisting you in maintaining full compliance with the latest water treatment regulations.


Web access allows you to see the live data, change settings, visit historical graphs, download reports, receive alerts …


Extra Inputs

The generic input options of Ultima Advanced, incorporate an additional design allowing you to generate up to 6 additional functions on the controller, use your own selected name and sensor, input settings, log measurements and view historical trend graphs. These additional functions (e.g. Turbidity, COD, etc) can be controlled by Ultima Advanced using system settings.

This feature allows control of multiple systems using only one Ultima Advanced unit.

Industries Supported

Ultima can be used in any of the following industries with more to follow. Click on your industry for further details about the product which suits your requirements.


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