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Ultima Cooling Tower

The 7” colour touch screen Ultima is professionally designed to deliver appropriate solutions to all operational challenges of cooling towers including corrosion, scale and microbial growth. The comprehensive functions and user friendly navigation of Ultima allow ultimate control of your treatment program.

Industry Specific Benefits


Water/Chemical Savings

Pre-bleed function with the majority of traditional controllers causes unnecessary waste of water and chemicals from cooling towers. Significant savings in water and chemical usage can be achieved by using the Accessory Timer technology incorporated into the Ultima software. These powerful features provide supplementary functions to avoid pre-bleed and thereby optimising chemical and water usage.

Optimised Disinfection

Further to the standard ORP and secondary biocide features, Ultima improves disinfection by avoiding the detrimental side effects of mixing oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides in the water (e.g. during bleed lock out).

IBO Technology

In addition to reduction in water and chemical usage, further inhibitor savings are achieved through the inbuilt Inhibitor-Bleed Optimisation Technology.

Energy Saving

Biofilm and scale can drastically reduce the heat transfer performance in condensers. Ultima technology saves energy by minimising the risk of scale and microorganism accumulations.

Asset Protection

Fluctuations in ORP and pH can potentially damage condensers and heat exchangers. The precise Fuzzy logic of Ultima ensures maximum protection to your equipment by consistent control to ORP and pH.

Green Technology

Through the combination of these advanced technologies, Ultima sets a high standard in environmental protection by minimising water and chemical usage and discharge to the environment.


The following professional features are standard with Ultima PF Series

Product Specifications
  • Conductivity/TDS control
  • ORP - Oxidizing biocide
  • Single and Dual pH
  • Corrosion – Scale inhibitor
  • Secondary biocide timer
  • Dispersant/Bio-dispersant
  • Water meter inputs
  • Communication through web
  • Options of extra probes
  • Extensive options for output relays
  • Concentration Cycle Number
  • Safety limits to protect your system
  • Supplementary back up functions

‎‏‏‎ ‎Downloads

Operating Manual
Sales Brochure
Specs Sheet
UniQ Online Corrosion Monitoring Sales Brochure

Industries Supported

Ultima can be used in any of the following industries with more to follow. Click on your industry for further details about the product which suits your requirements.


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