Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to exceed our customers’ needs through the developing of technologically advanced products and provision of services to a consistently high standard at a fair cost. Through the establishment and maintenance of a quality system based on AS/NZS ISO9001 standards, this will continue to enhance our degree of customer satisfaction and reputation in the water treatment industry.

About Us

Since 1989 Aquarius Technologies has been developing and manufacturing innovative water treatment controllers for both the Australian and international water treatment industries, including wastewater treatment, cooling water treatment, swimming pool disinfection, potable water treatment and others.

Our R&D

Our company is committed to innovation. We are proud to lead the industry rather than follow others. For many years the water treatment industry in Australia has benefited from many innovative design features introduced by Aquarius Technologies. Continued innovation does not occur without substantial investment into research and development. Our company has developed a high level of co-operation with leading research institutions in Australia.

Quality Policy

Our quality starts with the concept and development of products, and continues through all subsequent stages including the monitoring of manufacturing and performance of our products. High quality is supported by the developed skills, dedication and accuracy each employee inputs into the products. All personnel have quality related responsibilities to ensure that Aquarius Technologies is always associated with the highest quality standards.

Key Contact People

The Company recognizes that its most valuable resource is its people, and great emphasis is placed on the contribution from its people. It is only through their participation that the company will continue to supply quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Ben Mosayebi

Sales and Technical Support Manager

Ian Powel

Production Manager

Quinton Gilmour

Technical Consultant


Administration Manager


Administration Assistant


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